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      Spartan Folding Knife 21S

      Spartan Folding Knife 21S
      Spartan Folding Knife 21S
      Spartan Folding Knife 21S
      Spartan Folding Knife 21S
      Spartan Folding Knife 21S
      Spartan Folding Knife 21S
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      345,56 TL
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      Karakteristik kıvrık kenarı, büyük bir göbek ve keskin, akut noktası ile eskilerin klasik Kopis çağrıştıran ve aynı zamanda bir Kukridir

      Bıçak Uzunluğu: 4 1/2 "
      Bıçak Kalınlığı: 4 mm
      Toplam uzunluk: 10 1/2 "
      Çelik: Japon AUS 8A paslanmaz
      Ağırlık: 9.2 oz
      Sap: 6 "Uzun Grivory w / Çelik Liners
      Cep Klips: Paslanmaz / Kemer Klipsi

      The Cold Steel Spartan 21S is a folding Kopis scaled down to accommodate the demands of a tamer, more sophisticated world. The 4 1/2" blade evokes the classic Kopis of the ancients with its characteristic recurved edge, big belly and sharp, acute point. It’s hollow ground from Japanese AUS 8A stainless and has some similarities with a Kukri.The Cold Steel Spartan 21S also echoes the ancient Kopis in its handle. It's designed to help the hand resist the pull of centrifugal force and to retard forward momentum, when stabbing, or backward movement, when hammering or smashing with its pommel. Injection molded out of Grivory with steel liners for strength, it’s heavily contoured for comfort and features irregular fluting and a heavily textured surface finish for an exceptionally effective grip.

      The Cold Steel Spartan 21S has dual pocket clips to assure ambidextrous carry and for quick draw opening, it features a thumb plate that can be used to open the knife like a conventional "one handed opener" or be snagged on the edge of a pocket during the draw stroke and opened automatically. Additionally, the Spartan™ incorporates our Tri-Ad™ locking mechanism, which has proven, under torture testing to be almost impervious to stress, strain and shock. It's almost impossible to overcome and offers a huge margin of safety not found in our competitor’s folders.

      Blade Length : 4 1/2"
      Blade Thickness : 4 mm
      Overall Length : 10 1/2"
      Steel : Jap AUS 8A stainless
      Weight : 9.2 oz
      Handle : 6" Long Grivory w/ Steel Liners
      Pocket Clip : Stainless / Belt Clip
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