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      Spyderco FB25PSBK Warrior- H-1 Steel

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      ArmyPuan : 24.596.970
      848,41 USD + KDV
      KDV Dahil:
      24.596,97 TL
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      The Warrior fixed blade is one of the world's most intriguing combat knives. Based largely on the groundbreaking research of close-combat icon Michael Echanis, the original Warrior was a radical design intended primarily for use with reverse-grip tactics inspired by the Korean martial art of HwaRangDo. Produced in limited quantities by the late Al Mar and later resurrected by the martial artist Bob Taylor and Echnais contemporary Randy Wanner, it is one of the most coveted combat knives ever made. The Spyderco Warrior faithfully retains all the salient features of the original, while adding a number of performance enhancements. Ground from rust-free austenitic H-1 steel, it possesses the same differential hardness properties of a clay-tempered Samurai sword, giving it extreme cutting power and shock resistance. Its full-tang construction and textured handle scales provide a superior grip and edge orientation, maximizing the knife's effectiveness when employed with its signature tactics. The sheath is a black ballistic nylon snap-closed sheath with Molle-vest attachment capability. 

      Category End Use: Military/Survival/Rescue 
      Blade Steel: H-1 
      Handle Material: Black FRN 
      Length Overall: 10 5/8" (269mm) 
      Blade Length: 5 11/16" (144mm) 
      Blade Thickness: 5/32" (4mm) 
      Weight: 8.2 oz. (232g)
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