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      Us Condor Soft Shell Jacket

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      ArmyPuan : 2.548.660
      2.548,66 TL + KDV
      KDV Dahil:
      2.548,66 TL
      343,87 TL'den başlayan taksit seçenekleri için tıklayın.

      The Condor Summit is designed for comfort and utility. The three layer integrated shell with its water resistant fabrics wicks moisture, while mainting body heat. Equipped with underarm vents for temperature control, reinforcment on the forarms, and multiple pockets for utility and storage make the jacket comfortable and versitile. Also available in a lighter version, the Summit ZERO, for warmer climates.

      This durable, waterproof, lightweight, breathable fabric
      contain billions of microscopic pores smaller than a 
      raindrop, but hundred times larger than a molecule
      of water vapor.  The triple layer combination wicks 
      moisture, stop water from passing through,
      and circulate body heat.

      Description :

      - Lined stand-up collar
      - Stow-away hoodie
      - Two shoulder pockets
      - Two 4" x 4" shoulder patch panels
      - Two internal pockets
      - Two highrise slash chest pockets
      - Forearm pocket
      - Double zipper back pocket
      - Underarm vent zipper
      - Double layer reinforced forearm
      - Drawstring waistband and hood
      - Adjustable wrist cuff
      - Full front YKK zipper with double zipper pull
      - Import

        - Outer Layer: 100% polyester, 4-way elastic, high density fabric with DuPont™ Teflon® Coating.
        - Mid Layer: breathable film membrane.
        - Inner Layer: 150 g/m² 100%  fleece. 
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